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Reader showcase: Tom Leininger

One of my readers, Tom, was nice enough to send me some pictures of his gear. 

First up is a shot of two of his Timbuk2s:

The top bag is a small messenger. According to Tom, signs of its age include the narrow strap (what were they thinking?) and the ballistic boot (why don’t they do this anymore?). The bottom bag is a utility bag that Timbuk2 used to make called the Pork Chop. According to my Googling, it’s got 234 cubic inches of storage space. Perfect for small stuff, and keeping in line with the whole hip pouch thing that people are into these days. Granted, Timbuk2’s got one available, but it looks more like a “fanny pack.” I think I like the Pork Chop design better.

The other pic Tom sent me is of his Domke F-803:


Domke’s a dedicated camera-bag company, and the F-803 is designed for light carry/stealth not-carrying-expensive-equipment-please-don’t-mug-me action.

Thanks a lot for the pictures, Tom! Send me a couple of your Crumplers some time!

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