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Lemolo Baggage

Lemolo Baggage is a one-man outfit run by indie bagmaker Elias. Lemolo’s got its HQ in Portland, Oregon (pretty much America’s bike Mecca, I’ve been told), and boy is his work beautiful. Pics below:

Tool wrap - I wish the one I made looked like this. This one’s awesome.

behind the scenes…

The “Portland” backpack ($250) looks pretty similar to the Backpack 2.0 by Rickshaw that I reviewed a while back. Beautiful, looks great as an everyday pack. 

It’s 11x8x19”, which puts it at 27L capacity. Not bad!

Hip pouches ($65, includes belt)

Basket bag ($95)

Panniers ($275/set)

According to the Lemolo For Sale page, he doesn’t currently have anything available. But keep checking back, as he’s bound to finish up some stuff soon! One can only hope - those backpacks are awesome!

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