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Looks like it could be a knockoff of the Camelbak Trizip - here’s the original.
Notice the difference in the sides of the velcro? The lack of an embroidered label?
Slick pack design.



Looks like it could be a knockoff of the Camelbak Trizip - here’s the original.

Notice the difference in the sides of the velcro? The lack of an embroidered label?

Slick pack design.

mtthwgss asked
What bikes do you own and ride?

I have one bike, a Mott Street Cycles fixie that I bought back when they were called Strada Customs. It’s neon green.

Here it is with my custom Girl.Bike.Dog messenger.

I really like it. Some of the components weren’t the best (deep Vs = ruptured tubes, for me) and I changed to BMX pedals + RELoad straps, but  yeah. I call it the Light Cycle.

kidcocorico asked
Hey Bag Collector, I want to buy a messenger bag for my school commute, and I'm torn between the BO gear syndrome or a chrome citizen. Could you give me some advice? Great blog by the way, thanks!


Chrome Citizen is cheaper, but not by much. BO gear Sindrome carries an extra 10 liters, which is decent.

I haven’t tried on a Sindrome, the Citizen doesn’t have a padded back, so I wouldn’t be surprised at the comfort of a Sindrome being a little better. Which, don’t get me wrong, the Citizen is just fine, comfortwise. I was very happy with it. But I do like padding.

The only concern I have is the strap on the Sindrome - I don’t prefer the way it’s sewn into the back. The strap piece that’s sewn down gets caught on my jacket, you can feel it sometimes, blah blah blah. Minor quibble.

Honestly, unless you NEED the extra cash, go with the Sindrome. Capacity is good to have, the laptop slot looks awesome, and the price is pretty good.

Spoke with a pattern maker yesterday.

Regarding the waxed canvas knitting bag I’ve been working on:

My wife and I think we’ve got the design all set. A few tweaks to do, but the prototype is ready to be sent out the the pattern maker. We’ll probably have them do the design changes - moving a few pockets, etc. I’m also hoping they can optimize the design to reduce fabric use.

From there, we’re looking at getting 5 or 6 samples made and sending them to some specialist folks to give us feedback.

After that? who knows. Production, hopefully.

magictiki asked
Hey there! Big fan of your blog, and a fellow bag obsessive. I'm shopping for a new messenger to replace my old, trusty timbuk2 extra small classic messenger... I need something a mite bigger, but not huge (I use a backpack for big loads, a messenger for lugging the essentials). I have been eyeing up the Mission Workshop Monty, but a also reading good things about the 2014 T2 classic messenger refresh. Any opinion on one over the other? Thanks for your thoughts!

I mean, I don’t really “get” rolltop messengers, but the Monty is a REALLY nice bag. Both will provide enough durability and cargo capacity, so that’s not really an issue.

The questions become: aesthetics, pricepoint, and if you want the rolltop.

If you already had a Timbuk2 I’d say make the change. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. And more capacity (in the form of a rolltop) is probably a good thing.

mudernism asked
hey man did you check the Ember modular backpack out? I bought it on kickstarter, will arrive next month. What do you think?

Ember Equipment.

I did check it out. Interesting design. I really like the aesthetic of the components, but I don’t think I love all the pouches on the outside. I’d probably run it with no external cargo pouches.

The removable grab handles though? Heck, I’m using that idea if I ever have a bag in production.

And the winner is…


Send me your address via private message to claim your prize.

Thanks again everyone!

A winner has been selected!

Hey everyone!

A winner has been chosen for the Greenroom 136 bag and camera insert. I just have to confirm that this person is also following the Greenroom136 blog.

Once I do that, I will announce the winner here!

Thanks for entering. :)

GIVEAWAY: Greenroom136 Bootstrap Messenger +KitPouch camera insert

Gather round, readers, I’ve got something special for you.

Patrick Lim, founder of Greenroom136, recently celebrated the start of his company’s 4th year! To mark the occasion, he’s sent me a large Bootstrap messenger with a +KitPouch camera insert to give away to a lucky reader.


I’ve reviewed a Greenroom136 backpack in the past, and let me tell you: This is some good stuff. The quality is amazing, the bags are comfortable and spacious, and the logo is a gorilla. It’s awesome.

The Bootstrap messenger is made of 1000D Cordura, with a 420D nylon interior. It has a padded laptop sleeve built into it, tons of internal pockets, a strap pad, and a lot of capacity.



The +KitPouch is super-padded, lined with corduroy, and zips shut to protect your camera gear.


Now that I have you drooling, here’s what you have to do:

1. Follow this blog (if you don’t already).
2. Follow Greenroom 136’s tumblr (if you don’t already).
3. Reblog this post.

Also, there are a few rules:

1. I’ll pay for shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you’re not in the continental US and you win, you’ll be asked to pay shipping. If you can’t or won’t do that, I’ll redraw.

2. Entries will be accepted until June 15th, 2014. The winner will be determined by a random number drawing from I’ll take a list of everyone that has done the above three things, put them in a numbered list, and draw a random number to determine the winner.

3. I will annouce the winner ON THE BLOG on June 15th. The winner will have 3 days to contact me via tumblr message with the address to which I am shipping. If the winner does not contact me in that time, well, I’ll draw another person.

Good luck!

My grail has finally arrived.

Bruce says:

Pac Designs Ultimate.

Best of the best.

Wow that looks awesome! 

PAC Designs is legendary - they’re responsible for some serious messenger bag innovations, including the X-strap and using D rings for strap adjustment.

seannymurrs asked
I'm planning on getting a new messenger bag and have narrowed it down to either the Timbuk2 Especial or the Especial Claro. The Claro is newer and cheaper but it seems like it might have less features. I can't find a good comparison between the two. Do you have any input?

A quick comparison between the two product pages seems to indicate that the Claro is not made of Cordura, doesn’t have the Fidlock buckles, is much taller with a fold-down/roll-down style liner, has much less internal organization, and lacks the serious back padding/ventilation.

They both claim waterproof-ness, and have an ambidextrous strap.

Go with the Especial, not the Claro. Those extra features are worth the money.